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Virginia Gewin is a freelance science journalist who covers how humans are profoundly altering the environment – from climate change to biodiversity loss – and undertaking extraordinary endeavors to preserve nature. Her work has appeared in Nature, Popular Science, Scientific American, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, bioGraphic, Discover, Science, Washington Post, Civil Eats, Ensia, Yale e360, Modern Farmer, Portland Monthly and many others.

As Carbon Markets Reward New Efforts, Will Regenerative Farming Pioneers Be Left in the Dirt?

GC Ellis standing outside a gate on G-Bar-C Ranch with cattle in the background.

To Simplify or Diversify? On Today’s Farms, That Is the Question.

a farmer stands in a diversified farm growing organic produce.

Can Bridging the Gap Between Landowners and Farming Tenants Help Improve Soil Health?

a non-operating landowner looks at the farm his renting farmers are farming

Why Aren’t USDA Conservation Programs Paying Farmers More to Improve Their Soil?

Vue Her, a Hmong farmer outside Fresno, California. USDA Photo by Lance Cheung

A New Study on Regenerative Grazing Complicates Climate Optimism

A regeneratively grazed beef cow eating grass

What Impacts Do the West Coast Wildfires, Smoke Have on Crops?

West Coast wildfires turn the skies orange over the Iverson Famil Farms vineyards. (Photo courtesy of Iverson Family Farms)

Does Overselling Regenerative Ag’s Climate Benefits Undercut its Potential?

young farmers working on their regenerative agriculture field to sequester carbon dioxide and reduce their emissions

New Soil Documentary Promises a Powerful Solution to the Growing Effects of Climate Change

A farmer walks among trees on the healthy soil at his farm. Photo courtesy of Kiss the Ground.

Perennial Vegetables Are a Solution in the Fight Against Hunger and Climate Change

a field of perennial vegetables, including artichokes, growing in france.

The World Food Prize Winner Says Soil Should Have Rights

Dr Rattan Lal holding a cup of grain. Photo courtesy of the World Food Prize.