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Tom Perkins is a freelance reporter based in Michigan. His work has appeared in the Detroit Metro Times, The Guardian, The Nation, and many more.

Health Concerns Grow as Oklahoma Farmers Fertilize Cropland with Treated Sewage

A farm tractor spreads biosolids on a farm field in Geneva, Illinois. (Photo CC-licensed by the City of Geneva)

Will the U.S. Ban PFAS in Food Packaging?

Food service worker holding a compostable container made with PFAS and forever chemicals.

Questions Remain About Using Treated Sewage on Farms

tractor spreading biosolids as fertilizer over farmland

The Packaging Industry Takes on PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’ in our Food Supply

a row of compostable food packaging containers

Is Detroit Finally Getting a Black-Owned Grocery Store?

Grocery store photo CC-licensed by Donald West

For a New Generation of Farmers, Accessing Land is the First Step Toward Tackling Consolidation

tractors driving across a large consolidated farm field

Michigan’s Failed Effort to Privatize Prison Kitchens and the Future of Institutional Food

incarcerated person eating prison food

FoodLab Detroit Is Helping Create a Food System by and for People of Color

Relish Catering co-owner Le’Genevieve Squires. (Photo courtesy of V.W. Photography.)

Why Are There So Few Black-Owned Grocery Stores?

Does Detroit’s Food Revival Leave the City’s Black Residents Behind?