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Twilight Greenaway is the senior editor at Civil Eats and its former managing editor. Her articles about food and farming have appeared in The New York Times,, The Guardian, TakePart, Modern Farmer, Gastronomica, and Grist. See more at

Jesse Frost Wants to Help Produce Farmers Stop Tilling Their Soil

Rough Draft Farm

As Coffee Rust Reaches Hawaii, Farmers Prepare for a Devastating Blow

A woman harvests coffee on Kona. (Photo credit: Christopher Michel)

In Search of a ‘Regenerative’ Turkey

Pasture raised turkeys. (Photo courtesy of Diestel Family Ranch.)

Automated Harvest is Coming. What Will it Mean for Farmworkers and Rural Communities?

agtech automation TX harvester

Tom Philpott Predicts the End of Farming as We Know It

Tom Philpott and the cover of his new book, Perilous Bounty. Author photo © Gabriel C. Pérez.

‘American Harvest’ Provides a Window on Farm Country

A collage of photos of author marie mutsui mockett and the cover of her new book, american harvest

Food as Medicine on the Navajo Nation

Delivering food to the Navajo Nation. (Photo © Nate Lemuel)

J.D. Scholten Wants to Transform Midwestern Farm Politics

congressional candidate J.D. Scholten standing next to his campaign bus. Photo courtesy of Scholten for Congress.

The Fight to Keep Farmers’ Markets Open During Coronavirus

A farmers' market in Queens, New York. (USDA photo by Preston Keres)

For Democrats to Win in 2020, Invest in Rural America, says Jane Kleeb

jane kleeb harvest the vote book cover