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Twilight Greenaway is the executive editor of Civil Eats. Her articles about food and farming have appeared in The New York Times,, The Guardian, Food and Wine, Gastronomica, and Grist, among other. See more at Follow her on Twitter.

Once Scorned, Birds Are Returning to Farms

A Western Bluebird leaving its nestbox on a farm. (Photo credit: Kevin Cole)

Could This Mobile, Solar-Powered Livestock Barn Reshape the Corn Belt?

This Young Climate Activist Has Her Hands in the Soil and Her Eyes on the Future

Young climate activist Ollie Perrault holding a chicken. (Photo courtesy of Ollie Perrault)

Coming Soon to a Food Label Near You: ‘Bee-Friendly’ Certifications

Farmer Doug Crabtree walks in his sunflower field (Photo by Jennifer Hopwood, Xerces Society)

How Fermented Foods Shaped the World

julia skinner and the cover of our fermented lives

How the Cooperative Food Movement Is Evolving

The COFED 2019 Summer Co-op Academy cohort. (Photo courtesy of COFED)

California Dairy Uses Lots of Water. Here’s Why It Matters.

A milk tanker drives by a dairy feedlot in California.

What the Rise of Craft Sake Says about Farming, Climate, and Culture

Nancy Matsumoto and the cover of her new book on japanese craft sake

Jorts the Cat Wants You to Care About Farmworkers’ Rights

Jorts holds the new zine created by Jean.

What Will the Rise of Giant Indoor Farms Mean for Appalachian Kentucky?

An Appharvest employee harvesting tomatoes in Morehead, Kentucky. (Photo courtesy of Appharvest)