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Stephanie Parker is a freelance writer and photographer currently living in Switzerland.

Planting a Life—and a Future—After Prison at Benevolence Farm

Keia Blount in the fields at Benevolence Farm. (Photo courtesy of Keia Blount)

Restoring Food Sovereignty on the Spirit Lake Reservation

Residents of the Spirit Lake reservation tending their community garden. (Photo by Heidi Zeigenmeyer)

What it Takes to Keep Independent Grocery Stores Open in Rural Communities

Laurel Jones and Larry Crowder outside the Bowdon Community Grocery.

Do You Bake Bread? You Just Might Be a Community Scientist.

citizen scientist baking bread and kneading dough

Foraging at Forest Schools, Where Nature is the Classroom

At the Flying Deer Nature Center, the local forest is the playground for students. (Photo credit: Flying Deer Nature Center)

Edible Landscapes Are Un-Lawning America

people harvesting produce from an edible landscape garden

Can Food Co-ops Survive the New Retail Reality?

Photo courtesy of The Seward Coop.

Local Flowers Make a Comeback

local flowers at spring forth farm

The Coming Tomatopocalypse: Could a Tiny Moth Make Ketchup Scarce?

tomato leafminer

Refugee Farmers are Putting Down Roots in North Carolina

Burmese Refugee Farmer in North Carolina