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Nicole Rasul is an Ohio-based writer who covers food and agriculture. She is particularly interested in producers committed to sustainable practices, dynamic local and regional food systems, and inspiring food and agriculture advocates who drive change in their communities. Her work has appeared in Edible Columbus, Edible Indy, Columbus Monthly, and

What Will it Take for Farmers to Grow More Organic Cotton?

Fields of organic cotton

Grassland 2.0 Aims to Replace Soy and Corn Farming with Perennial Pasture in the Upper Midwest

Bert Paris at his farm outside Belleville, Wisconsin. Photo by Finn Ryan, Grassland 2.0

Want More New Farmers on the Land? Give Landowners a Tax Break.

A group of young farmers or beginning farmers walking through their field in the early morning

COVID Brought SNAP Users Online. Advocates Say Mega-Retailers Are Selling Them Junk Food

young people pull processed food out of a box of online snap orders

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights is Dead. A Voluntary Effort Will Pay Farmers to Reduce Runoff Instead.

lake erie during a toxic algal bloom as a result of agricultural runoff

States Are Embracing Extra Funds from Pandemic EBT to Cover Missing School Meals

parent and child shopping for fresh produce while wearing masks and using pandemic ebt funds

What More States Allowing SNAP Recipients to Buy Food Online Means for Food Security

quarantine participant receiving home delivery of an online snap order of groceries

As Rural Schools Close, Some Hungry Kids to Get a Box of Processed Food

Filling a USDA harvest box. (USDA photo by Lance Cheung)

Government Bailouts Are the Only Thing Bringing Farm Incomes Up

worried farmer standing in his farm field

Sustainable Halal Meat is Making Inroads in Muslim Communities

fram with a sheep on his halal farm and slaughtering operation