Nhatt Nichols | Civil Eats


Nhatt Nichols is a multidisciplinary artist and writer raised on top of a mountain in the Okanogan, Washington State. A graduate of The Royal Drawing School in London, she uses drawing, poetry, and comics to break down political and environmental issues, finding new ways to meet people where they are, and ask them to reach deeper into their ability to care and take action.

Relocalizing the Food System to Fight a ‘Farm-Free Future’

Comic: To Fight Climate Change, This Research Farm Is Pioneering Regenerative Practices

“[We’re] building a national collaborative of tech companies and developers, as well as researchers, producers, external service providers, universities, and food companies. Anybody who's transforming the way we farm.” Dave Herring, Executive Director (Illustration by Nhatt Nichols)

Comic: Adapting Corn for Tortillas—and New Markets—in the Pacific Northwest

A two-panel comic of a test farm hoop house growing corn and cactus and other crops on the left, with chef lisette garay working in her restaurant kitchen on the right.