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Meg Wilcox is a freelance writer based in Boston focused on solutions-oriented stories about the ways people are fighting climate change, protecting the environment and making our agriculture systems more sustainable, including by addressing poverty.

Year-Round Farming in Massachusetts? How the State Is Investing in Solutions.

Eastie Farm's geothermal greenhouse, built with funds from a food security infrastructure grant from the state. (Photo credit: Meg Wilcox)

To Cut Ocean Plastic Pollution, Aquaculture Turns to Renewable Gear

Eric Oransky, founding partner, Maine Ocean Farms, holding up two filled beechwood oyster harvest bags. Credit: Ocean Farms Supply

‘Salmon is Life’: For Native Alaskans, Salmon Declines Pose Existential Crisis

Two people observing sockeye salmon in a stream. (Photo credit: Jonny Armstrong)

How Pesticides Are Harming Soil Ecosystems

an earthworm crawling on healthy soil without pesticides

The People Behind School Meals Are Pushing for Free Access for All

A Holmen School District transportation employee loads lunches onto a school bus before helping deliver them throughout the community.

Connecting Fishermen with Hungry Communities Can also Benefit Local Food Systems

Some of the lingcod delivered through a hunger relief event in Columbia Gorge. (Photo courtesy of The Wave)

Food Companies Step Up Funding for Organic Farming Research

organic farm researcher testing soil health

Fishermen Hope for Change as the Seafood Industry Faces a Crisis

A fisherman pulling a bait bag from a lobster trap after hauling it aboard. (Photo courtesy of Ben Martens)

To Avoid Dumping Milk, Dairy Farmers Find New Market at Vermont Food Banks

A dairy farmer delivering feed to his herd.

As Coronavirus Disrupts Seafood Supply Chains, Struggling Fishermen Seek Other Markets

Scott MacAlister (photo courtesy of courtesy of the Cape Cod Commercial Fisherman's Alliance)