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Melissa Waldron is a community organizer, blogger, social media hound and sustainable food advocate with over fifteen years of experience in the non-profit world and local food sector combined. Melissa seeks to develop, promote and grow local food systems and is a 2011 graduate of Growing Power's Commercial Urban Agriculture program. As a founding member of New Haven Farms, she has helped to create an urban farm system that creates fresh food access points for those at risk for heart disease and diabetes. And she is also the garden coordinator of a program at the Clinton Avenue School that connects children from the nearby housing project at Quinnipiac Terrace to the school garden and offers after school gardening activities. Today Melissa is an internet marketing consultant for Triple Bottom Line businesses and is formerly the contributing producer of the long running Ruth Reichl series on The Leonard Lopate Show at WNYC, winner of the 2006 James Beard Award for Best Radio Show. You can find out more at, and

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