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Lisa Held is Civil Eats’ senior policy reporter. Her stories on the food system, sustainable agriculture, and food policy have appeared in many publications, including Eater, NPR’s The Salt, and Edible Manhattan. She also produces and hosts the weekly podcast “The Farm Report” on Heritage Radio Network. In the past, Lisa covered health and wellness for publications including the New York Times and Women’s Health and was an editor at Well+Good. She is based in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. and has a master's degree from Columbia University's School of Journalism.

Fast Food and Grocery Giants Promise to Sell ‘Better’ Chicken—Is it Enough?

Farm grass field with chicken in foreground on poatrol with trees and barns in the background under and overcast sky.

Methane from Agriculture is a Big Problem. We Explain Why.

a farmer looks at his beef cows and wonders how they produce so much methane.

Is the Pork Industry Using Food Justice to Stall California’s New Animal Welfare Law?

Young Asian father grocery shopping with cute little daughter in supermarket, they are shopping for fresh meat

Are Biogas Subsidies Benefiting the Largest Industrial Animal Farms?

Hogs in a CAFO animal operation

USDA Offers Farmworkers and Meatpacking Workers $600 in COVID Relief

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Can Accounting for the True Cost of Food Change the Global Food System?

A grocery shopper looks at a list of discounts and prices inside a supermarket. Those prices do not reflect a true cost accounting of food.

Kelp at the Crossroads: Should Seaweed Farming Be Better Regulated?

kelp farming

Just a Few Companies Control the Meat Industry. Can a New Approach to Monopolies Level the Playing Field?

Cattle crowd inside a feedlot operated by JBS Five Rivers Colorado Beef on August 22, 2012 in Wiley, Colorado.

Can Land Conservation and Dual-Use Solar on Farms Coexist?

Umass grad student Kristin Oleskwwicz harvests vegetables growing under PV arrays at a test plot at the UMass Crop Animal Research and Education Center in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. (Photo CC-licensed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory)

Earl Blumenauer Wants to Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides. Is Congress Listening?

bees are crawling around a hive and trying to steer clear of pollinator-killing neonic pesticides