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Lindsey Margaret Allen is the founder of Elemmay Productions, LLC and the Creative Producer and Host of POINT OF ORIGIN. Lindsey’s work is grounded in expanding awareness about supply chains as a means to help people make informed decisions about what they eat - in support of their own health as well as the health and well-being of our global communities and the environment.

In ‘Raw Deal,’ A Reporter Reveals the Dirty Underbelly of the Meat Industry

reporter chloe sorvino and the cover of her new book, raw deal

This Group Has Rerouted 250 Million Pounds of Food From Landfills to Feed People in Need

Felipe Maldonado, a Wholesale Recovery Program Driver with Food Forward, loads a pallet of recovered food at the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. (Photo credit: Vanessa Bly)

How an American Crisis Brought Together US Dairy Farmers and Mexican Farmworkers

Ruth Conniff and the cover of her book, Milked, about the dairy industry and dairy workers

‘Watermelon and Red Birds’ Offers a Guide to Juneteenth—and Black Celebration Culture

Nicole A. Taylor and the cover of her book on Juneteenth.