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Ken Roseboro is editor and publisher of The Organic & Non-GMO Report, a monthly news magazine that focuses on threats posed by GM foods and the growing non-GMO food trend. He is also editor and publisher of The Non-GMO Sourcebook, a directory of suppliers of non-GMO seeds, grains, and ingredients. Ken is author of Genetically Altered Foods and Your Health and The Organic Food Handbook. He is a member of the board of directors of the Iowa Organic Association. Ken appears in the new documentary film, GMO OMG.

Montana Lentil Farmers Go Against the Grain to Build Thriving Organic Business

Under Montana’s big sky, Timeless grower Jody Manuel and David Oien examine mid-season organic lentils on Jody’s farm in north-central Montana.

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Rick Clark standing in his field of crimson and balansa clover cover crops.

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Tim Raile (right) and his son Michael (left) holdling his own son, looking over fields they are transitioning to organic.

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map organic farmland

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