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Katherine Kornei is a science journalist whose work has appeared in Science, Scientific American, and The New York Times.

The USDA Updated Its Gardening Map, But Downplays Connection to Climate Change

A gardener waters plants in the heat due to climate change. (Getty Images photo)

Some Farmers Are Skipping Tomatoes and Eggplants. Their Reasons May Surprise You.

Farmer Caiti Hachmyer plants dry corn at Red-H Farm in Sebastopol, California. (Photo credit: Brooke Porter Photography)

In the Race for Clean Energy, Is Offshore Wind Harming the Nation’s Fisheries?

A fishing boat sits in the ocean near an offshore wind farm. (Photo credit: Shawn Wilkinson, Getty Images)

Only Two States Have Passed ‘Right to Garden’ Laws. Will Others Follow?

A home garden in Maine. (Photo CC-licensed by the National Garden Clubs)

This Antioxidant May Provide a Key Link Between Regenerative Agriculture and Human Health

farmer growing regenerative crops harvests carrots from healthy soil