Jennifer Oldham


Award-winning freelance journalist Jennifer Oldham’s enterprise and investigative stories expose threats to the environment, as well as how legislators, companies, conservationists, and others, are working to ameliorate them. Oldham also specializes in deep dives into policy, politics and economic inequality issues of the day. Her pieces appeared in National Geographic, The Center for Investigative Reporting, The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Mother Jones and Politico Magazine, among others. She worked as a national correspondent for Bloomberg News for five-and-a-half-years and a staff writer at the Los Angeles Times for 15 years covering everything from aviation to business, energy, housing, government and real estate.

Farming in Dry Places: Investors Continue to Speculate on Colorado Water

cattle walking to a water trough in douglas county, colorado. Photo credit: thomas barwick, getty images

As Drought Hits Farms, Investors Lay Claim to Colorado Water

illustration of a farmer with a no-RWR sticker on their tractor, in the San Luis valley of Colorado. Illustration by Sarah Gilman.