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Hilary Macht is a New York-based freelance writer covering health, science and environment with focus on the relationships among food, food culture, environment and health. Her work has appeared in dozens of media outlets including The New York Times, Columbia Journalism Review, Prevention, MORE, Essence, NRDC’s Amicus Journal (OnEarth), EndocrineWeb and others, and she is a contributing writer for Everyday Health.

Scientists Scramble to Help Bay Scallops Survive Climate Change

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) will use adult scallops collected from Peconic Bay after surviving the mass die-off as broodstock in its 2023 spring spawn. CCE's Harrison Tobi (middle) holds lantern nets of juvenile scallops spawned in June 2022. The spawned scallops are housed in raceways at CCE's hatchery. (Photo credit: Hilary Macht)

Roxana Jullapat on the Transformative Power of Baking with Whole Grains

Roxana Jullapat photo by Kristin Teig.