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Gosia Wozniacka is a senior reporter at Civil Eats. A multilingual journalist with more than fifteen years of experience, Gosia is currently based in Oregon. Wozniacka worked for five years as a staff reporter for The Associated Press in Fresno, California, and then in Portland, Oregon. She wrote extensively about agriculture, water, and other environmental issues, farmworkers and immigration policy. Email her at gosia (at) civileats.com and follow her on Twitter @GosiaWozniacka.

‘Slaves for Peanuts’ Tells the Tragic Story Behind America’s Favorite Snack

jori lewis and the cover of her book, slaves for peanuts

A New California Law Will Create a Lot More Compost—but Will it Make it to Farmland?

A pile of compost in the farm field at Shone Farm, a teaching farm at Sonoma State University in California. (Photo by Emma K. Morris)

Farmworkers Bear the Brunt of California’s Housing Crisis

Glass, Plastic, Or PLA? Dairies Struggle to Replace Single-Use Bottles

Assorted dairy and dairy-alternative beverages in bottles at a Sprouts supermarket in Texas. (Photo credit: NeONBRAND on Unsplash)

How I Changed My Relationship to Grocery Shopping—and My Financial Future

Shopping at the Birch Community Services co-op in Portland, Oregon. (Photo by Gosia Wozniacka)

In ‘Required Reading,’ Indigenous Leaders Call for Landback Reforms and Climate Justice

Black and white photo from a Landback protest in the Black Hills in July 2020. (Photo credit: Arlo Iron Cloud, NDN Collective)

Climate Anxiety Takes a Growing Toll on Farmers

Female organic farmer standing in field on foggy fall morning harvesting squash

Is the Future of Big Dairy Regenerative?

A rancher on a dairy farm leading cattle to be milked.

The Nation’s First Regenerative Dairy Works with Nature to Heal the Soil—at Scale

Blake Alexandre checking on the vitality of the soil on Alexandre Family Farm.

Palm Oil Is in Almost Everything We Eat, and It’s Fueling the Climate Crisis

jocelyn zuckerman and her book planet palm