Gosia Wozniacka

Gosia Wozniacka is a senior reporter at Civil Eats. A multilingual journalist with more than fifteen years of experience, Gosia is currently based in Oregon. Wozniacka worked for five years as a staff reporter for The Associated Press in Fresno, California, and then in Portland, Oregon. She wrote extensively about agriculture, water, and other environmental issues, farmworkers and immigration policy. Email her at gosia (at) and follow her on Twitter @GosiaWozniacka.

Can California’s Organic Vegetable Farmers Unlock the Secrets of No-Till Farming?

Transplanting melons in to high-residue beds on Full Belly Farm. (Photo courtesy of Full Belly Farm)

As Mushrooms Grow in Popularity, a Radical Mycology Movement is Emerging

King Bolete (Boletus edulis). (Photo CC-licensed by Bernard Spragg)

Our Future Food Supply Depends on Endangered Wild Crops

A wild crop relative sunflower grows on the side of the highway.

Does Regenerative Agriculture Have a Race Problem?

a black farmer standing in front of a tractor.

Black Farmers Say They Were Dropped from the USDA’s Food Box Program

Indian Springs Farmers Cooperative workers packing food boxes for the Federation’s contract

The Pandemic Has Given Organics a Big Boost—but Most Profits Aren’t Flowing to Small Producers

Shopping for groceries during the pandemic. (Photo CC-licensed by the City of St. Petersburg)

Are Carbon Markets for Farmers Worth the Hype?

A hand holding healthy soil from a regenerative agriculture operation. Gonna trade those carbon credits on the carbon market...

A Battle over Mandatory Farmworker Testing Reveals a Broken System

h-2a guest farmworkers get temperature checks before starting their shifts.

Isolated in Crowded Conditions, Guest Farmworkers Face High Coronavirus Toll

farmworkers wash hands in the fields to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Should the Dietary Guidelines Help Fight Systemic Racism?

a woman of color and her child cook a healthy meal