Gail Wadsworth and Don Villarejo | Civil Eats


Dr. Don Villarejo is founder and Director Emeritus of the California Institute for Rural Studies. In 2007-08, he served on the National Academy of Sciences expert committee to review the occupational safety research programs of NIOSH in the areas of Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing. During 2009, he served on the USDA expert panel to review the agency’s programs in Sustainable Agriculture and Farm Management. In 2010, he served on a National Academy of Sciences expert panel to assist the Government Accountability Office review of the USDA 514/516 farmworker housing assistance program. Gail Wadsworth is the Executive Director of the California Institute for Rural Studies. Before coming to CIRS in 2009, she was Deputy Director of the Farmer Veteran Coalition. Gail has worked in industry, government, academic and non-profit sectors. Since 2000 she has been an independent consultant to non-profits, farmers, consumers, educators, and wholesalers concerned with funding, alternatives to the current food system, environmental issues and social awareness. 

Population Up, Resources Lost in America’s Vegetable Bowl: Rural California