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Grey Moran is a Staff Reporter for Civil Eats. Their work has appeared in The Atlantic, Grist, Pacific Standard, The Guardian, Teen Vogue, The New Republic, The New York Times, The Intercept, and elsewhere. Grey writes narrative-based stories about public health, climate change, and environmental justice, especially with a lens on the people working toward solutions. They live in New Orleans.

On Farms, ‘Plasticulture’ Persists

Rows of plastic-covered strawberry plants.

Bird Flu May Be Driven By This Overlooked Factor

Snow Geese fly over Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. (Photo credit: Yiming Chen, Getty Images)

The Shrimp on Your Table Has a Dark History

a worker in india holds up a pile of shrimp that needs to be peeled before being shipped to the united states

We Are in the Golden Age of Dorm-Room Cooking

screenshots of an instagram reel of a dorm-room cooking event of coconut tofu curry

Florida Banned Farmworker Heat Protections. A Groundbreaking Partnership Offers a Solution.

Farmworkers clear out irrigation for an okra field near Coachella, California. (Photo credit: Mario Tama, Getty Images)

Fungi Are Helping Farmers Unlock the Secrets of Soil Carbon

Timothy Robb inspects a pile of decomposing wood chips. (Photo credit: Grey Moran)

New Research Shows How the Meat Industry Infiltrated Universities to Obstruct Climate Policy

cattle in a feedlot that is generating a lot of greenhouse gas emissions

A Florida Immigration Law Is Turning Farm Towns Into ‘Ghost Towns’

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

WIC Shortfall Could Leave 2 Million Women And Children Hungry

Can Prescriptions for Produce-Focused Meal Kits Fight Diabetes?

A participant in the Healthy Food Rx program gets ready to prepare a recipe. (Photo credit: Abbott Fund)