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Grey Moran is a Senior Reporter for Civil Eats based in Queens, New York. Their work has appeared in The Atlantic, Grist, Pacific Standard, The Guardian, Teen Vogue, The New Republic, The New York Times, The Intercept, and elsewhere. Grey writes narrative-based stories about public health, climate change, and environmental justice, especially with a lens on the people working toward solutions.

Paraquat, the Deadliest Chemical in US Agriculture, Goes on Trial

A tractor spraying paraquat on the Cox ranch. (Photo courtesy of Shirley Cox)

Farmworkers Finally Won Overtime Pay. Now the Industry Wants to Repeal It.

Farm workers harvest zucchini on the Sam Accursio & Son's Farm in Florida City, Florida. (Photo credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A Contested Election Is Fracturing a Farmworkers’ Union

Leticia Zavala (left) gives a speech in an effort to unseat the Farm Labor Organizing Committee's current and only president Baldemar Velasquez (right). (Photo credit: Grey Moran)

Students Are Building the Next Generation of Farmworker Advocates

Young organizers with Student Action with Farmworkers visit a labor camp in eastern North Carolina. (Photo courtesy of SAF)

Agrihoods Promise Fresh Food and Community. Can They Add Equity to the List?

A rendering of the proposed Santa Clara Agrihood. (Public records filing, City of Santa Clara)

Food Service Industry Workers Are Organizing to Fund Their Own Reproductive Care

A concerned service industry worker stands behind glass at a restaurant.

Inside the Brooklyn Packers’ Vision for a Community-Based Micro Food Hub

Brooklyn Packers working to fill food delivery bags to co-op members. Photo credit: Mark Davis

In the Battle Over the Right to Repair, Open-Source Tractors Offer an Alternative

The Oggún Tractor. (Photo courtesy of Ronnie Baugh Tractors)

As Drought Intensifies, a Return to Wild, Less Restricted Waterways Offers Solutions

journalist and author erica gies and the cover of her new book "water always wins"

‘Right to Repair’ Advocates Petition the FTC to Investigate John Deere 

A Woman is trying to repair her John Deere tractor