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Greta Moran is a Senior Reporter for Civil Eats based in Queens, New York. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Grist, Pacific Standard, The Guardian, Teen Vogue, The New Republic, The New York Times, The Intercept, and elsewhere. Greta writes narrative-based stories about public health, climate change, and environmental justice, especially with a lens on the people working toward solutions.

Farmers Will Soon Have the Right to Repair their Tractors

farmer driving his john deere tractor around the farm, hoping it doesn't break because at the time of this photo he didn't have right to repair his farm equipment

The Food System’s Carbon Footprint Has Been Vastly Underestimated

a tractor full of carrots is being loaded and transported from a field to a warehouse

As the Climate Emergency Grows, Farmworkers Lack Protection from Deadly Heat

Farmworkers pick bok choy in a field on January 22, 2021 in Calexico, California. President Joe Biden has unveiled an immigration reform proposal offering an eight-year path to citizenship for some 11 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally as well as green cards to upwards of a million DACA recipients and temporary protected status to farmworkers already in the United States.(Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images)

LGBTQ+ Farms to Support this Pride Month—and All Year

Emily Fagan and Hannah Breckbill (photo courtesy of Humble Hands Harvest; Pride flag background CC-licensed by Benson Kua on Flickr)

As the West Faces a Drought Emergency, Some Ranchers are Restoring Grasslands to Build Water Reserves

Doniga Markegard standing with her grazing cattle. (Photo courtesy of Markegard Ranch)

As Food Scrap Collection Peaks, NYC Community Compost Sites Face Evictions

Food scraps at the Lower East Side Ecology Center's compost yard.

Questions Remain about Big Food’s Influence on the New Dietary Guidelines

child drinking a large soda

High Plains Farmers Race to Save the Ogallala Aquifer

aerial view of center pivot irrigation in New Mexico

Environmental Defenders—Often Fighting Agribusiness—Are Being Violently Silenced Around the World

Women from Yulchen Frontera who are members of the Ixquisis Peaceful Resistance against the San Mateo Hydroelectric Project, pose for a photo. Ixquisis, San Mateo Ixtatan, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. April 26, 2019.