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Daniel Walton is a freelance journalist based in Western North Carolina covering the environment, sustainability, and political news. His work has appeared in national and regional publications including Sierra, The Guardian, and Ambrook Research.

Micro Solar Leases: A New Income Stream for Black Farmers in the South?

solar panels on a farm next to a corn field

Wild Nuts Are Making a Comeback in Southern Appalachia

Nuts dry in plastic bins at the Asheville Nuttery storeroom as Justin Holt examines a barrel of walnut shells. The hard material has a number of valuable uses, including sandblasting abrasive, kitty litter, and biochar feedstock. (Photo by Daniel Walton)

Can Agroforestry Breathe New Life Into Carbon Markets?

Michael RiCharde tending trees on Good Wheel Farm in North Carolina, part of the Carbon Harvest carbon market. (Photo courtesy of Good Wheel Farm)

A Radical Seed-Breeding Project Could Help Southern Farmers Adapt to Climate Change

Zoe Adjonyoh, author of Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, stands in the field during a 2021 visit to see the okra variety trial. (Photo courtesy of Chris Smith)