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Claire Kelloway is the primary reporter for Food and PowerFood & Power and a senior food and farming researcher at the Open Markets Institute, an anti-monopoly think tank based in Washington, D.C.

Major Meat Corporations Pay Millions to Settle Price-Fixing Suits

a tyson poultry truck delivers birds on the highway. Photo CC-licensed by Ed Kohler

Op-ed: California Sets a Dangerous Precedent for Food Delivery Workers Nationwide

Uber Eats food delivery app riders lining up in the street to deliver food from restaurants

Closure of Western Lamb Processor by JBS Could ‘Devastate the Ranch Economy’

a flock of sheep graze prior to being herded up and sent to the slaughterhouse

Restaurants Are at the Mercy of Delivery Apps, but Can they Survive the Pandemic Without Them?

An Uber Eats food delivery courier on a bike in high speed. Restaurants are closed and only deliveries are allowed during the state of emergency due to coronavirus.

Op-ed: Food Workers are on the Frontlines of Coronavirus. They Need Our Support.

A volunteer at the at the Houston Food Bank. (USDA photo by Lance Cheung)

Institutional Food Has a Sourcing Problem. This Coalition is Trying to Fix It.

Protesters outside Aramark headquarters. (Photo by Sophia Epstein)

Ranchers Denounce Corporate Control over Cattle Markets

Ranchers Emery Birdwell and Deborah Clark on the Birdwell Clark Ranch in Texas. (Photo credit: USDA NRCS)

Walmart’s Super-Sized Impact on the Food System

the front of a walmart supercenter

Dollar Stores Are Taking Over the Grocery Business, and It’s Bad News for Public Health and Local Economies

Outside a Dollar General in Fort Hancock, Texas. (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Workers Fear Injury as Administration Clears Way for Faster Chicken Slaughter

A chicken processing plant worker on the line. (Photo credit: Earl Dotter for the Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center.)