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Cinnamon Janzer is a Minneapolis-based freelance journalist with a focus on lesser-told stories on a mission to change how the world sees the Midwest. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, National Geographic, New York magazine, the Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report,, Fast Company, Eater Twin Cities, USA Today's Go Escape magazine, and more.

At Climate Dinners Hosted by Chefs Sam Kass and Andrew Zimmern, The Meal Is The Message

Photo credit: Jayme Halbritter

Coming Soon to a Food Label Near You: ‘Bee-Friendly’ Certifications

Farmer Doug Crabtree walks in his sunflower field (Photo by Jennifer Hopwood, Xerces Society)

Renegade Biologist Alexandra Morton Is Fighting for the Future of Wild Salmon

Alexandra Morton bringing in nets in the the Broughton Archipelago, in British Columbia. (Photo courtesy of Alexandra Morton, Salmon Coast Field Station)

How a Food Business Incubator Is Building Black Economic Strength in Minnesota

the little africa market parade put on by the aeds

The Coffee Shop Giving Homeless Youth a Chance at Success

Valarie Mckenzie at work in Wildflyer Coffee.

Hmong Farmers Are Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement in Minnesota

A Hmong farmer picking crops in the farm field. (Photo credit Mike Hazard / HAFA)

What AI Down on the Farm Could Mean for Rural America

autonomous tractors and drones on a farm

After Midwest Flooding, Volunteer Hay Drops Provide a Lifeline for Farmers

A Farm Rescue volunteer stands with a farmer getting help from the nonprofit.