Cinnamon Janzer is a Minneapolis-based freelance journalist with a focus on lesser-told stories on a mission to change how the world sees the Midwest. Her work has appeared in the Guardian, National Geographic, New York magazine, the Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report,, Fast Company, Eater Twin Cities, USA Today's Go Escape magazine, and more.

How a Food Business Incubator Is Building Black Economic Strength in Minnesota

the little africa market parade put on by the aeds

The Coffee Shop Giving Homeless Youth a Chance at Success

Valarie Mckenzie at work in Wildflyer Coffee.

Hmong Farmers Are Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement in Minnesota

A Hmong farmer picking crops in the farm field. (Photo credit Mike Hazard / HAFA)

What AI Down on the Farm Could Mean for Rural America

autonomous tractors and drones on a farm

After Midwest Flooding, Volunteer Hay Drops Provide a Lifeline for Farmers

A Farm Rescue volunteer stands with a farmer getting help from the nonprofit.