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As part of our mission to help people get informed about critical issues in the food system, Civil Eats has developed a new educational curriculum that we’re calling: Crash Courses.

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We are excited to announce our first-ever Crash Course: Climate Solutions in Food & Farming.

This email-based course will cover the basics of how climate change is impacting the food system, and some of the solutions that can address those impacts.

Every week in June, you’ll receive a newsletter guiding you through the analysis of the climate issues, examples of climate solutions and a curated list of related reporting.

You’ll also have access to a Slack discussion group with our team and fellow participants and an online discussion led by Civil Eats’ Senior Staff Reporter and Contributing Editor, Lisa Held. We are offering this course at a low introductory price of $15.

Join us for this course today!


When does the course start? What if I sign up late?
The course begins in June. You can sign up any time and receive access to the full course.

Do I have to finish each course before the next one is released?
No, you can read them at your own pace.

What’s your refund policy?
Refunds will be available until June 15.

What if I can’t make the live session?
The session will be recorded and we will share it with participants afterwards.

Any other questions? Please email us at courses ~at~, and we’ll be happy to help.