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Graphic: Investments in cellular meat and fish firms by top sectors

Op-ed: Giant Meat and Dairy Companies Are Dominating the Plant-Based Protein Market

“As consumers are given the appearance of more choices, actual ownership of these brands is held by a decreasing number of firms behind the scenes,” including Cargill, Tyson, and Nestlé.


Food + Policy

Emily Selinger, right, and Amanda Moeser, both raise oysters in the tidal flats of Casco Bay. While they each have their own companies, they often collaborate and support one another.

Can Aquaculture Help Women Secure a New Foothold in the Seafood Industry?

Women have long played a crucial role in global fisheries, yet their work remains largely invisible. As a growing number start aquaculture businesses, it’s unclear if the industry will provide a path toward more independence and recognition.




Today’s food system is complex.

Invest in nonprofit journalism that tells the whole story.


Food Justice



Black women farmer-politicians. From left: Kim Jackson of Georgia, Sonya Harper of Illinois, and Juanita Brent of Ohio.

Meet the Black Women Driving New Ag Policy

A new generation of elected officials is working to benefit disadvantaged farmers and African Americans in their states by serving on agriculture committees, introducing legislation to promote equity in agriculture, and fighting food insecurity.

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Civil Eats TV: Planting with Purpose at Urban Tilth

How Doria Robinson, the force behind the community-focused urban farm, transformed a ‘food desert’ into verdant farms, gardens, and open spaces in Richmond, California.

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