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From Soup to Fries: Amy’s Joins the “Clean” Fast Food Club

The well-known organic food brand will launch Amy’s Drive Thru later this summer.

In two weeks, an organic farmer at an undisclosed California potato patch will harvest the first crop of potatoes destined for the fryer in the kitchen at the soon-to-launch Amy’s Drive Thru restaurant in Rohnert Park, California. The fast food restaurant with a twist is the brainchild of Amy’s Kitchen, the popular frozen food and soup company.

It took two years, and thousands of pounds of potatoes, to find the right organic variety of potato for fresh-cut french fries cooked in sunflower oil. “Most businesses would go to a company and buy a bunch of frozen potatoes,” says John Paneno, Director of Sourcing at Amy’s Kitchen. “Amy’s started from scratch. We hired experts who could find the best varieties that met our sensory requirements. We had to figure out where they grew best and who is the best farmer to process them. We’re not taking any shortcuts.”

In late June, the meticulously sourced french fries will debut at the official launch of the first Amy’s Drive Thru.

Customers have asked the company’s owners to enter into the restaurant business for two decades, says co-founder and co-CEO Andy Berliner, who oversees the company with his wife, Rachel.

“About four years ago, we decided to do more of a traditional drive-through restaurant, but with organic, vegetarian, pesticide-free, and GMO-free food,” Berliner tells Civil Eats. The menu, which the company says is made with around 95 percent certified organic ingredients, will be familiar to fast food fans: burritos, pizza, shakes, chili, salads, and, of course, French fries.

Creating organic and good-tasting menu items has taken an inordinate amount of work. A task only compounded by the fact that all menu items will be available in regular, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan configurations.

The price point is higher than most fast food, but inline with fast casual chains like Chipotle and Panera. Customers will be able to buy a meal for under $9 and have it delivered within three-and-a-half minutes, a key to drive-thru success.

It’s important to note that the Berliners avoid the term “healthy fast food.” “We’re not calling it healthy because we do use salt and oil,” says Rachel Berliner. “It wouldn’t sell if we weren’t frying it in oil. You have to reach a medium. It just tastes good and it’s clean.”

“Better-for-you,” is how her husband Andy puts it.

The couple started Amy’s Kitchen in 1987 when they developed a frozen vegetarian pot pie out of their kitchen in Petaluma, California, a Northern California town that remains the company’s headquarters. Twenty-seven years later, the company has grown an average of 30 percent a year, according to Andy Berliner.

With processing plants in Oregon, Santa Rosa, and Idaho, and nearly 2,000 employees, it has evolved into one of the biggest selling frozen food and canned soup companies in the U.S. Since Amy’s Kitchen isn’t publicly traded, and is family-owned and operated, exact sales figures aren’t public knowledge. But on a 2012 episode of How I Made My Millions, the Berliners said the company earned upwards of $300 million in sales that year. Three years later, that number has shot up to $500 million according to a senior manager in communications.

At a time when other companies are working hard to remove genetically engineered and other highly processed ingredients from their menus, Amy’s Drive Thru, by virtue of the parent company’s history, has an upper hand. “We haven’t changed. Organic, vegetarian and non-GMO is who we are,” says Berliner.

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As consumer demand for local and organic food continues to skyrocket, the time has never been better for a venture into “clean” fast food. McDonald’s may have changed their tune about kale, but fast food won’t shake its reputation for industrially produced meat, low-quality produce, and large quantities of of fat, sodium, and sugar anytime soon. Now a new breed of restaurants aim to clean up fast food’s reputation–and change the eating habits for legions of Americans along the way. Indeed, Amy’s Drive Thru is part of a larger trend taking place throughout the U.S.

Chains like Burgerville and Shake Shack fill their menus with antibiotic-free hamburgers, fresh-cut fries, and shakes made from local strawberries. In the Bay Area, high-profile chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson are readying for the fall launch of Loco’l, a fast food joint that will use quality, organic ingredients while maintaining the taste, convenience, and price point of traditional fast food. (Some menu items may cost as little as 99-cents.) In a touch you won’t find at Wendy’s, the hamburgers at Loco’l are tucked between whole-grain buns created by Chad Robertson of the notorious San Francisco-based Tartine Bakery.

“Right now, we have a whole society that’s been eating preservatives and processed food, that’s being brainwashed by billions of dollars of industry, and we can’t just say, ‘Yo, eat this kale,’” Choi told Paper. “So what we have to do is pick food in a structure that makes sense. But then inside the structure is real food. So, for example, there are chicken nuggets [on our menu], but those chicken nuggets are made using really good birds, using rice flour to coat it, making a sauce out of real tomatoes and soybean and fermented chili paste. But they don’t know any of this; they just think it’s chicken nuggets.”

While Choi appears to be targeting eaters who don’t go looking for “better-for-you” options, and easing them into changing their habits, Amy’s benefits from a brand that has wide recognition among the health food crowd. Now, the location of the first Amy’s Drive Thru will allow the company to source local produce from farms like Bloomfield Organics and other small growers. Paneno says their sourcing philosophy is to “start local and work our way out.”

“We’re blessed to be in California,” he adds, fresh off a morning of sampling cucumbers, straight from the fields, to be turned into pickles for the drive-thru. Still, the restaurant needs to ensure supply, which will likely mean sourcing to the north or south if the demand arises.

According to Paneno, Amy’s ag field reps monitor all stages of the growing process and ag managers work through the soil-management, harvesting, and clean-up of the food products, until they arrive for processing at the Amy’s plant or kitchen.

As the Berliners see it, all of these locally sourced and pesticide-free foods don’t really matter if restaurant employees work in abysmal conditions for poverty wages.

“We’ll be paying more than anyone else in the market,” says Andy Berliner, when asked about entry-level wages for Amy’s Drive Thru. Employees will receive a starting wage of $12 an hour, lower than demands for a $15 an hour living wage in Sonoma County, but higher than the statewide minimum wage of $9 an hour. Employees will also receive medical benefits through a company-owned health center, and vacation days.

Only time can tell whether sustainably minded fast food joints like Amy’s Drive-Thru and Loco’l will thrive in the face of competition from established fast food giants (the first Amy’s Drive-Thru will be located down the street from a wildly popular In-N-Out Burger).

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If this pioneer attempt is successful, expansion is a definite possibility, says Andy Berliner. They’ll take the process slow, and expand when ready, he adds. But, signs point to a sea change in consumer demands when it comes to fast food. In the face of declining sales profits as food-savvy millennials defect to new fast-casual establishments, McDonald’s recently set out out to redefine itself as a “modern, progressive burger company.”

Rachel Berliner recounts how a post about the restaurant’s launch on an anti-GMO website led to hundreds of letters from all over the country.

“People were writing in to ask when Amy’s Drive Thru was coming to their town,” Berliner says. “My feeling is that the restaurant is something that’s really needed.”



Leilani Clark is the editor of Made Local Magazine, a print publication that tells the stories behind the Sonoma County food system. Her work has been published at The Guardian, Mother Jones, and Edible Marin & Wine Country. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more >

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    P.S. Please don't ever sell out to the garbage sell companies.
  6. Debra Medina
    great concept, looking forward to the opening . The world needs this kind of consumption change!!
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  8. Great news! Just want to remind myself that it doesn't mean its good for you! But natural is always better!
  9. I'm curious to know if the meats will come from factory farms or if the animals will be 100% grass fed? This includes pork. Pigs are smarter than dogs and equally as self aware, loyal, and loving. But it's very difficult to find pasture raised pork. It seems like 95% of it is factory farmed. And what's wrong with coconut oil? I say they use that for cooking! Can Amy's make any kind of promise that they'll stay far away from Canola Oil? So many questions...
    • Twilight Greenaway
      As the story mentions, the food will be vegetarian.
  10. Marilyn R. Sullivan
    Yes, the time has finally come for some good, wholesome fast food that is organic and vegetarian! Let's save the cows for ice-cream! And let the chickens roam free!
    Everybody wins and we become a healthier nation!
    Congratulations, Amy! And God speed in your new endeavor!
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  20. Denise Gonzalez
    I live in Virginia, and I am an Ovarian Cancer Victor, My treatment was a High Alkaline/Low Acidity Diet. I found your soups and some of your frozen foods were within the parameters of my diet. My diet continues and will have to continue for the rest of my life. I love your food, and I am looking forward to more of your foods.
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    Thank you. I hope this will be a huge success!
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    The picture shows a burger but there is no mention of burgers in the story. I understood Amy's to be a vegetarian company, because when I called to suggest that they use microencapsulated fish oil in some products they said that was impossible. My point was that parents could buy enriched foods like that to insure their kids get get enough DHA and EPA in a food form (it is the equivalent of adding some powdered milk or nutritional yeast to a food to make it more nutritious). DHA and EPA are crucial for immunity, mental health, and intellectual capacity, and most Americans are deficient in these essential fatty acids (probably because the government refuses to set a standard requirement for them). School food contains zero DHA and EPA.
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    I have been enjoying Amy's Kitchen's canned and frozen food since the company first started in 1987. As a vegetarian for nearly 20 years, I appreciate having the variety of options offered by Amy's Kitchen to choose from for a nutritious and delicious meal.

    It has been a delight watching the building progress at the new restaurant site; especially the old-fashioned looking water tower and the roof garden. It looks like attention to detail is a top priority at Amy's Drive Thru.

    "Better-for-you" choices are a sign of the times because as the saying goes, "You are what you eat."
  94. P.S. to the person who commented that Amy's Kitchen sold to General Mills, that is a false statement. It was Annie's. Bummer, because I like Annie's products too.

    Here is a link to a Press Release to help clear things up:
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    • Twilight Greenaway
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    I am delighted to learn that Amy's Drive-thru will be located in Rohnert Park! Is it near the Walmart store
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    I'm diabetic, and have often wondered why some dedicated dieticians haven't gotten together to open restaurants (leading to a chain)...which would provide
    healthy organic food to the public, as well as frozen
    selections...and it seems Amy's is doing just that!! And
    my BIG question has been..."and would it be asking too much for these foods to be both tasty and delicious"?
    through the use of herbs and spices...
    Based on your sales records and growing recognition, I'm sure Amy
  105. Gladys Brayer
    to continue...Amy's will be wildly successful!
    Thank you for providing a much needed resource for
    all who are looking for healthy alternatives to the poison-filled selections we find on our nation's grocery shelves!
    Your prices may be higher than others, but perhaps in time as your business expands, they could be reduced to be more assessable to families with hungry children with voracious appetites! (I've heard it often said that it's difficult to feed families organic foods because they cost more...even though they are better)...and grocery chains are now featuring organic food sections--thanks to businesses such as yours...Congratulations! I would love to hear from you...and help promote your business!
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    We're a college town in the Ozark Mtns. with many attributes for wholesome living, supporting organic farming (numerous private and communal farms) and our population goes back to the first hip movements of the 70's.
    Not only that but my freezer is full of your entrees' and pizza. Every grocer in town sells your food....even Wal-Mart. You'd be a total success here in Fayetteville and very much welcomed! Again, PLEASE consider our town.
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    When would this restaurant arrive in the Abingdon, VA, area? Restaurants of this nature are needed and would be most popular nationwide.
  116. Chuck Faulkner
    Thanks for caring about what types of food we put into our bodies! Have you ever experimented with frying in coconut oil? I know it's costly, but it has a very high flash point and doesn't burn. It is very possible that it will last longer and the cost could be justified! I use it a lot at home and love it. It gives foods a great taste and is very healthy! It might be worth it to experiment with this very healthy oil! Hope you do! Thanks Again Chuck Faulkner
  117. We absolutely would support your Amy's location in the east valley of Arizona! Hopefully Chandler area haha
  118. Carol Sloan
    You go Amys! It is about time we have an organic drive thru! I am so delighted! I now live in Sacramento so, will be waiting for the restaurant to come here.
  119. Susie Coker
    I am thrilled. I can't wait for you to come to Southern Calif. (Oceanside to be exact). We're hungry for you. Buying nonGMO and Organic is a must. The health of our country depends on it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. My personal favorite is Amy's frozen Tofu Scramble and I offen clear the shelves.
  120. Teemarie
    PLZ PLZ PLZ BRING YOUR CLEAN FAST FOOD TO SO CAL!!! You will make a KILLING while allowing us to at least try to LIVE Cleaner, a tad bit healthier lives! :) As a business owner, I am only too well aware of how profits matter, but Lives Matter More! Thank you!

    CALL BACK 209-482-7725
  122. Dawn Cakebread Nelson
    Kindly Please Come To Saint Cloud...Mlsp/St.Paul Minnesota & Tampa Bay...Clearwater...Largo Florida on The West Coast...If You Haven't Already in Two Years? There Is No Healthful Alternative Fast Foods here? in Minnesota...Best Closest Is Culvers? Not! * ...I Pray Its Still Going?Blessings In Your Clean Modern Progressive burger Company. Sincerely Dawn Cakebread
  123. Lynn St.Amour
    Please keep me posted. I might be interested in opening a franchised for you.

  124. sandi
    Great idea. Great food options. I will seek you out when in the States.
  125. Please let me know if you are opening any franchises in
    Chicago. I am a BIG customer of your product. You can call anytime.
    Thank you!!
  126. Not sure how to keep my excitement in check on this- So let me say this if the time comes that you are interested in opening a drive through on the east coast more specifically Monmouth county New jersey I would like to participate. I grew up in the food concession business that my father had started and later went into the metals business. I have a daughter who went to culinary high school and then onto Johnson and Wales for 2 years and finally switched majors and graduated from Hofstra University with a business degree. She would love to get into the food business and this would be a great opportunity. if franchise become a part of your future please consider us.

    Best regards

    Larry Dansky 732 735 4836
  127. samuel zervitz
    When will we see Amy's restaurants on the East Coast? Preferably in the Maryland area, where we live? What are you present expansion plans? Are Amy's franchised, or privately owned and operated? I don't necessarily agree, nor should your make it appear, that Panera's is your main competition. Panera's low keys the natural food aspect of their operation. It emphasizes fresh, although much of it is frozen and precooked. Yours, whether you're accepting of it or not, is presumed to be in the natural food vein. There's a tremendous demand for natural foods in a fast food restaurant arrangement. Your frozen supermarket items are much better than anything else being sold in that venue. And you don't even advertise, which speaks volumes about how highly you are regarded in competition with other products, not nearly as healthful nor flavorful. I look forward to hearing from you on your wonderful restaurant concept.

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