Want to run a restaurant? Chances are you’ll need a license that requires you to meet certain health standards in order to stay in business.

But what if you want to run a convenience store? If there are no supermarkets nearby, residents may rely on that store for their groceries–and we all know it’s much easier to find chips and soda at most convenience stores than it is to find fruits and vegetables.

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Five years ago when I first told my friends in D.C. that I was moving to Minnesota, they were aghast. “But it’s so cold there, what kind of farmers’ market will they have?” I calmly reminded them that not only was there a whole other country to the north of Minnesota but that before modern appliances people all over the Upper Midwest grew their own food and survived just fine. But my confidence belied a secret fear that the shorter growing season would seriously limit offerings at a Minnesota Farmers’ Market. Read more