Recent Articles About Local Food

EcoFarm: 34 Years of Bringing the Organic Farming Community Together

Thirty-four years ago the very first EcoFarm conference took place in Winters, CA. It was called “To Husband, The Earth” and was the brainchild of Amigo Bob Cantisano. At the time, he was running the only organic farm supply company and thought it would be valuable to create an event for farmer friends to gather. So he sent out a mailing and 45 people showed up for a big potluck. Read more

In Bristol Bay, the Science is Clear, Time for EPA Action to Protect Salmon, Jobs, & Our Way of Life

I live in Washington State, but for 20 years have relied on wild Alaska salmon to earn a living. Many of my friends earn their livings catching the sockeye salmon of Alaska’s Bristol Bay. The silver-sided fish fill our boats and feed the world. Yesterday the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final watershed assessment for Bristol Bay, outlining the potential impacts of large-scale mining on the most productive and economically important sockeye salmon fishery in the world. Read more

On the Front Burner: CA Food & Farming Legislative Action

On January 8, 2014, the growing food movement achieved an important milestone. The California Food Policy Council (CAFPC) released its first report to evaluate California’s legislative record related to food and farms. It is the first state-policy-focused analysis of legislative votes in the nation. This action in California is sure to be followed by similar action throughout the nation. The timing is excellent because I believe 2014 will see even more progress in the intensifying struggle over the future of our nation’s food and farms. Read more

Food As a Bridge to Jobs & Hope: Five More Days to Support Green Bridge Growers

Food is so much a part of the fabric of our lives, reflecting our health, lifestyle, time, and values. Like so many of us, my childhood memories of specific events revolve around food and meals shared. Sunday dinners with my Polish grandmother preparing pierogis and czarnina. Luscious cream puffs eaten greedily at the Wisconsin State Fair. Ruby red tomatoes and thorny kohlrabi plucked from our backyard garden, fried fresh for that evening’s dinner. Food was a bond of love, care, and connection to our families and the wider community. Read more

Youth Empowerment Through Food

Doron Comerchero and Abby Bell have been talking about Food Justice since they founded Life Lab’s award-winning youth empowerment program “Food, What?!” seven years ago. On the surface it means giving low-income high school youth, who might otherwise not have access to local organic produce, the opportunity to grow and prepare healthy and sustainable food. But Food Justice is about much more than cooking or sustainable agriculture. And food is simply the vehicle whereby youth gain responsibility, leadership skills, and job training, finding their voice and discovering who they want to be within the safety of a supportive community. Read more

Grow Schoolyard Farms

It’s not news that school gardens greatly benefit children. Kids involved in a school garden program have more positive attitudes toward fruits and vegetables, higher self-esteem, an improved ability to learn, and on and on. It’s also not news that edible school gardens that circle their food back to the cafeteria increase the likelihood of children eating fruits and vegetables and create food security in our urban and suburban areas. Read more