Women Farmers Connect and Build Networks Through Shared Meals

As Michelle Cannon slowly transitioned into becoming a full-time vegetable farmer in Burlington, Wisconsin, she felt like an outcast in a region blanketed with male-dominated agriculture. In need of guidance about vegetable varieties, growing, and even equipment, the 52-year-old feared farming on her own would be impossible. Then she met a fellow female farmer from several miles away at the local market and struck up a friendship. Read more

Online Map Helps Makes Wasted Food Visible

Jeff Emtman opens the door of his freezer and one-by-one removes the contents. He pulls out several pounds of Brussels sprouts, loaves of artisan bread, cinnamon rolls, three-plus pounds of locally made chocolate. And there’s more.

Emtman, a Seattle resident deeply concerned about food waste, acquired his bittersweet collection in dumpsters located on FallingFruit.org, a long underground source for dumpster divers or “freegans” who dine on out-dated, over-stocked or overripe food tossed out by stores, restaurants, and bakeries. Now, the map is no longer a buried treasure. Read more